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Creating Report

I have a report that I transform Data by splitting the column.  

1. Split a column by Delimiter

    a. Split column into 5 columns

2. Select or enter Dilimiter

    b. by Custom


3. Each Occurrence of the delimiter

4. Advance Options

    c. Split into


5. Number of columns to split into


6. Quote Character



Click OK


After I separated split column I need to append the Issue / Key Words to the end of the column  so I can count each issue separately. I have been appending the content for Issue/Keys Words manually.  Is it possible to append using Power BI?   Here's a sample of before appending manually:



sample of appended Issue /key words



Any help is appreciated.  


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @ecolema12 

It is not clear what do you mean by append!!

Amine Jerbi

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There are 5 columns that are labeled issue /key words 1 - 5. Issue / key words 2 - 5 are appended to Issue / key words 1. 
The fields that would be used to join the issue /key words are MCP, Tracking  #, Provider Type, Responsible Tracker and Date sent to MCO.  All Issue / Keys words are in one field until I separated them. I need to count each Issue / Key words individually.    

e.g., MCP, Tracking #, Issue/ Key Words, Provider Type, Responsible Tracker, Date Sent to MCO

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