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Advocate II
Advocate II

Create new table with last complete record for each Unit



I'm trying to create a new table containing only the latest record for each unique "DUID" in the column DUID of the table shown using the maximum value from the "LastChanged" column.

The table shown is related * -> 1 to a table of unique DUID's, but no other relationships to date (yet). I have tried using Calculatetable ,  Allexcept (Table,Table(DUID)) , FILTER(Table,max(lastchanged) without luck. Summarize seems another approach used in other posts, but thought there has to be an easier way to produce it than recreating all the columns again.

Other posts using lastdate also appear to have had issues when the field is datetime.

Table with DUID on left and LastChanged on rightTable with DUID on left and LastChanged on right



Thanks in advance

Not applicable



Try this one and let me know if you see any issues.


New Table = FILTER( Table1, Table1[DUID]= MAX(Table1[DUID]) && Table1[lastChanged]=MAX(Table1[lastChanged]))



Unfortunately that function returns a table with Zero rows.



Try this calculated table

from Modelling Tab>>New Table


Calculated Table =
    SELECTCOLUMNS ( VALUES ( 'Table1'[DUID] ), "DUID_", [DUID] ),
    CALCULATETABLE ( TOPN ( 1, 'Table1', [LastChanged], DESC ) )


Please try my custom visuals

Thanks @Zubair_Muhammad, that seems very close.


There are still some duplicate DUID values returned (616 unique of 678 rows), and we are checking the source data to see if there are stray " " or similar, or where LastUpdate is the exact same time for DUIDs. I would have expected the TOPN 1 to resolve these types of issues ?



I think You can use DISTINCT on top of it to get rid of duplicates




Calculated Table =
        SELECTCOLUMNS ( VALUES ( 'Table1'[DUID] ), "DUID_", [DUID] ),
        CALCULATETABLE ( TOPN ( 1, 'Table1', [LastChanged], DESC ) )


Please try my custom visuals

Unfortunately it is the ties in the [Lastchanged] column that is causing the TopN to return more than 1 row for some DUID.


Would be useful if there was a parameter in TopN to explicitly return 1 row only - something similar to the RankX.


Tried wrapping the function in LastNONBlank to explicitly return only 1 row, but this doesn't appear to work, probably something to do with operation on a column argument rather than a complete table row.


For me, its quicker to simply export the 616 of 678 table out and remove the highlighted duplicates in excel. 

I don't know if it is ok for you to create an auxiliary column, but if it is ok, here is my solution:



Create the ISMAX column to check if it is the last record.

Then, create your virtual table with DISTINCT of only "Yes".


VAR DUID = Tabela1[DUID]
        MAX ( Tabela1[LASTCHANGED] );
        ALL ( Tabela1 );
        Tabela1[DUID] = DUID
    IF ( Tabela1[LASTCHANGED] = MAXDATE"Yes""No" )



UniqueDUID =
CALCULATETABLE ( DISTINCT ( Tabela1 ); Tabela1[ISMAX] = "Yes" )



Thanks @zapppsr, I thought your function would work.

When I filter the original table on the ISMAX column = "Yes" , it still returns 678 values (of which 616 are unique)

When I use the CALCULATETABLE with filter on the ISMAX, it still returns 678 records - with 616 unique.


The issue is due to the ties in the [LASTCHANGED] for some DUID, which is an issue in the source that cannot be changed.


In the meantime I have fixed the duplicates in excel.


Thanks for trying !

I guess the tie is on a combination of other columns beside DUID and LASTCHANGED, because I treated the tie for those two columns. Have you considered testing creating a table with only those columns?

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