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Helper I
Helper I

Create column based on MAX date in associated table

I have a  data structure where a row in the Table1 has multiple associated rows in Table2. 

Each row in Table2 has a date and time column.


What I want to do is create a date and time column in Table1 with the MAX date and time value for the asssociated rows from Table2




 I have tried LASTDATE but it objects to the dates potentially being the same.


Can anybody help as I am struggling with this and have been for ages!!!!



It will work anyway. Although in that case the FILTER( ) is redundant.  

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Super User
Super User

Hi @pcav


I understand you want to show in Table1 the latest date that appears in Table2 for that Id? If so you can create your new calculated column in Table1 as follows:


CalculatedDate =
CALCULATE ( MAX ( Table2[Date] ), FILTER ( Table2, Table2[Id] = Table1[Id] ) )


This assumes no relationships between Table1 and Table2


Thanks but that will not work as there is a relationship between table1 and table2 which is "Id"


It will work anyway. Although in that case the FILTER( ) is redundant.  

Sorry I am being an idiot .... it will works perfectly if I type it in correctly!!!!


I haven't done that much Dax and sometimes stuggle by making things a lot more complicated than they need be.

Thanks very much for taking you time to help me  I very much appreciate it.

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