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Count number of rows with a date older than six months from current date



I'm trying to achieve 2 things.

The first is to create a measure that I can use with a card to show acount of how many items have "expired" by check if a date in the Last Updated column is six months older or more than today's date (dynamincally).


The second, is to display the same data within a table and have all dates that are more than six months old highlighted red.


I can do both thins in excel but am really struggling with how to do it in Power Bi.



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Figure it out, used the below:


Expired = CALCULATE(COUNT('Sheet1 (2)'[Custom]),'Sheet1 (2)'[Last Updated:]<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),-6))

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Figure it out, used the below:


Expired = CALCULATE(COUNT('Sheet1 (2)'[Custom]),'Sheet1 (2)'[Last Updated:]<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),-6))
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Super User

Hey @HarperCash ,


maybe tell us how your data looks like and what you tried already?

Just saying "I need a calcualtion that shows the number" doesn't help anyone. We don't know how your data looks like....


Best regards


Sorry about that, example of data below:

InstanceDivisionBrandChatbot NameChannelTypeAutomationStatusLast Updated:Last Published:
UKOccX - HWAWWSMSInfo CaptureNLive23/03/202323/03/2023

Trying to count how many rows are expired by using the Last Updated column but only coutning rows that have a date that is more than six months from the current date.


In terms of what I've tried, I tried creating a new column that would provide a value of 1 or 0 based on the below:

if [#"Last Updated:"]([today]) >= 90 then 1 else 0


I also tried creating a Measure using the below:

    DISTINCTCOUNT Sheet1[Last Updated] <= EOMONTH ( TODAY (), -6 )

But neither worked













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