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Advocate I

Converting milliseconds to days:hours:minutes:seconds?



I have a sql field that returns an elapsed time value in milliseconds (i.e. days, hours, minutes, seconds)


Is there a simple way to convert that into something meaningful?


I've managed to convert it to a datetime at source by doing this which I think worked:


dateadd(millisecond, myfield %1000, dateadd(second, myfield / 1000, '19700101'))


Example: 30871000 milliseconds gives me 01/01/1970 08:34:31

Manual calculation of that is:

30871000 / 1000 = 30,871 seconds / 60 = 514 minutes / 60 = 8.57527777 hours, so about eight and a half hours.


The problem with that though is that this is then an elapsed time since 1 Jan 1970.  Simply doing a SUM on these won't give me a total elapsed time that I can tell?


Any thoughts on how best to tackle this greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,


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VAR durationAverage = CALCULATE(DIVIDE([Total Wait Time],[Calls Offered To Queue]))
VAR millisecondsStr = MOD(durationAverage, 1000)
VAR hoursInt = INT(DIVIDE(durationAverage, 3600000.0))
VAR hoursStr = RIGHT("00" & IF(ISBLANK(hoursInt),"",hoursInt),3)
VAR minutesInt = INT(DIVIDE(MOD(hoursInt 3600000.0), 60000.0))
VAR minutesStr = RIGHT("00" & IF(ISBLANK(minutesInt),"",minutesInt),2)
VAR secondsInt = MOD(INT(DIVIDE(MOD(minutesInt 3600000.0), 1000.0)), 60)
VAR secondsStr = RIGHT("00" & IF(ISBLANK(secondsInt),"",secondsInt),2)
RETURN hoursStr & ":" & minutesStr & ":" & secondsStr

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I came with the following measure to convert a decimal-column of milliseconds into "hh:mm:ss.mmmm":



duration avg = 
VAR durationAverage = INT(AVERAGE(MyTable[duration]))
VAR millisecondsStr = MOD(durationAverage, 1000)
VAR secondsInt = MOD(INT(DIVIDE(durationAverage, 1000.0)), 60)
VAR secondsStr = REPT("0", 2 - LEN(secondsInt)) & secondsInt
VAR minutesInt = INT(DIVIDE(durationAverage, 60000.0))
VAR minutesStr = REPT("0", 2 - LEN(minutesInt)) & minutesInt
VAR hoursInt = INT(DIVIDE(durationAverage, 3600000.0))
RETURN hoursInt & ":" & minutesStr & ":" & secondsStr & "." & millisecondsStr



Change AVERAGE(MyTable[duration]) with your input value.

Super User
Super User

Not sure if this is what you are going for, but myself and @konstantinos wrote an article on something very similar:


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You can do this in M:

#duration(0, 0, 0, numberOfMilliseconds)


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