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Continuous Week Count



I am working on a project where I need to display historical data on a weekly basis (i.e. one week ago, two weeks ago, etc). The relative date slicer will not work as far as I understand because I do not want to see the data combined but rather separated. The best way I could think to do this would be to create a continuous week counter in Power BI that counts each week year over year instead of the default of 1-53 for each year, then starting back at 1 on the first week of January. I have attached a screen shot of my data table showing how when the new year begins the week counter restarts at one. Is there a formula that I can use so that the week count is continuous (instead of starting at 1 at the beginning of a new year the week count goes to 54). I have looked through various questions on the forums but have been unable to find an answer. Thank you!!!PowerBI Question.png

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Try this solution.


1. Create calculated table:


WeeksByYear = 
    "Weeks In Year", CALCULATE ( MAX ( DimDate[Week Num of Year] ) )


2. Create calculated column in DimDate table:


Week Number Since Inception = 
VAR vCurrentYear = DimDate[Year]
VAR vTable =
    FILTER ( WeeksByYear, WeeksByYear[Year] < vCurrentYear )
VAR vTotalWeeksInPriorYears =
    SUMX ( vTable, WeeksByYear[Weeks In Year] )
VAR vResult =
    IF (
        ISBLANK ( vTotalWeeksInPriorYears ),
        DimDate[Week Num of Year],
        vTotalWeeksInPriorYears + DimDate[Week Num of Year]




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