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Helper II
Helper II

Conditional Formatting on a text field based on Slicer selections from a separate dataset



I am trying to "highlight" the background of each item that falls under a specific category of a slicer.

The slicer however comes from a separate dataset i.e. the items come from one data table and the slicer/filter comes from another data table.

I created a relationship between both data tables in order to use the specific slicer.


Attached is a picture to give some context (sensitive info blocked out).

Is it possible to format the background (add colour) to specific lines under Description based on the slicer highlighted to the right?


Any guidance on this will be appreciated.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @lm_i ,
There are 3 steps:
1) created disconnected table - it will prevent slicer from filtering main list so you will be able to only highlight selected values
2) create measure like this: 

SelectedManager = IF(SELECTEDVALUE('Manager (2)'[Manager Name]) = MAX(Manager[Manager Name]),1,0)
*I am using manager slicer in my demo, table Manager is original, table Manager 2 is disconnected table
3) assign background color conditional format based on this measure
Full description and steps:

Super User
Super User

@lm_i sure, you can add a measure for the color and then use this measure in conditional formatting of the description, using field value


Color = 
IF ( SELECTEDVALUE ( TableSlicer[Column] ) = MAX ( Table[Column] ), "Red" )


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Thank you both @parry2k  and @nandic for your responses.


I am a novice at power bi so my explanations may not be the most concise.


The data in the visual is linked to the data in the slicer by another table, i.e. there are 3 data tables, the one in the middle linking the *visual data* to *slicer data*. 

The fields highlighted in the picture are text fields.


Also, the data in the slicer is different from the data to be highlighted i.e. the Description column is different from what the Slicer (Core HT).


Please let me know if any other information would be useful.


Hi, @lm_i 

Do you mean that these two tables are not directly related to each other?

Is it convenient to show the view of the relationship between your table and the table (using the option insert photos)?




Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Hi @v-easonf-msft ,


Yes, both tables are not directly related to each other.


All the relationships are not able to fit into one picture but I will post them, hopefully you can follow.



Hi , @lm_i 

Try measure as below :

Measure1 =
VAR _cotc =
        VALUES ( 'Brands&COTC'[COTC] ),
        FILTER (
            ALL ( 'Brands&COTC' ),
            'Brands&COTC'[COTC] IN FILTERS ( Slicer[slicer_COTC] )
VAR _sku =
        VALUES ( 'Brands&COTC'[SKU Desc] ),
        FILTER ( ALL ( 'Brands&COTC' ), 'Brands&COTC'[COTC] IN _cotc )
VAR _skureflect =
        VALUES ( 'Brand&SKU'[Description] ),
        FILTER ( ALL ( 'Brand&SKU' ), 'Brand&SKU'[SKU Desc] IN _sku )
VAR _description =
        VALUES ( 'Data Table'[Customer ID] ),
        FILTER ( ALL ( 'Data Table' ), 'Data Table'[Description] IN _skureflect )
    IF ( MAX ( 'Data Table'[Customer ID] ) IN _description, 1, 0 )

Then apply it to background conditional formatting.







pbix attached


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason
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Hello @v-easonf-msft ,


Thank you for your solution.


It first highlights all Item Descriptions when no filter selections are made. When COTC Slicer is applied, only those Item Descriptions which fall under that category are highlighted.

Also, I am not able to mark your answer as the solution because "Authentication Failed" error occurs.

Hi, @lm_i 

It first highlights all Item Descriptions when no filter selections are made. When COTC Slicer is applied, only those Item Descriptions which fall under that category are highlighted.


Sorry, I am not able to  understand what you mean.
Has your problem been resolved? If there is something that does not meet your expected results, can you explain it in more detail.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason


Hi @v-easonf-msft ,


Yes your solution works.


In my previous reply I was trying to explain what was the result of the measure you shared.


Sorry for the confusion.


Thank you for your assistance!

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