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Helper I

Circular dependency detected

Hey guys,


Here's the situation:

  • Customer table (customerID, revenue2014, revenue2015, revenue2016, revenueTotal)
  • CustomerBase table (customerID, customerName, etc.)
  • Revenue table 2014 (customerID, ordertotal, etc.)
  • Revenue table 2015 (customerID, ordertotal, etc.)
  • Revenue table 2016 (customerID, ordertotal, etc.)

Relations are as followed:

  • Revenue tables > Customer table (linked on customerID)
  • Customer table > CustomerBase table (linked on customerID)

In the 'Customer' table I used some DAX measures to calculate the total revenue for each year and put them in the designated columns. Example of such a DAX measure:

revenue2014 = CALCULATE(SUM(tbl_revenue2014[ordertotal]);tbl_CustomerBase[customerID])

After doing this for each year, I created a DAX measure to sum 2014, 2015 and 2016 into a 'revenueTotal'. This one is as follows:

revenueTotal = CALCULATE(SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2014])+SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2015])+SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2016]);tbl_Customer[customerID])


Now, after this, I'd like to create a new column containing a % of share in revenue for each customer. So "( total revenue generated by customer / total revenue of all ) * 100%".

I tried this DAX measure:

%_Share = tbl_Customer[revenueTotal]/SUM(tbl_Customer[revenueTotal])

But this gives me the error (translated from Dutch in English): 

" There is a circular dependency detected: tbl_Customer[revenueTotal], tbl_Customer[%_Share], tbl_Customer[revenueTotal] "


I can't seem to find what this error exactly means and how I can solve it or create a workaround. Anyone has any thoughts?




New Member

I am new to this and have just gotten a circular dependency error message:


A circular dependency was detected: 'TPID_DATA'[L1_Proactv_BaseRev],'TPID_DATA'[Calculated Column 1],'TPID_DATA'[Calculated Column 1],'TPID_DATA'[L1_Proactv_BaseRev],'TPID_DATA'[L1_Proactv_BaseRev].


The formula I wrote:




I am not sure why I am getting this error. Any sugguestions?  Thank you!


Sorry, please disregard. Evidently way too new... figured this one out... that said, I am still running into circular dependency issues for this model and would appreciate being directed to any documentation that is written for those of us who are not sql programmers  :).... anything written in something that is a little more basic or plain english....


thank you!



Hi Niels_NL,

Change the DAX expression of revenueTotal a little bit and your %_Share expression would work.

revenueTotal = CALCULATE(SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2014])+SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2015])+SUM(tbl_Customer[revenue2016]),tbl_CustomerBase[customerID])

Regarding the circular depency, check Understanding Circular Dependencies in Tabular and PowerPivot.

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