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Check if Power Bi has the capability to perform ROC ((receiver operating characteristic ) .

Hi PowerBi Team,


There are few queries:

1. I have created a machine learning model which calculates/shows the ROC curves. ROC (receiver opeating characteristic algorithm) is used to figure out the threshold value, on which our alogrithm should give the best results. How to integrate my machine learning model with power BI? What are the steps for integration of the same? 

2. Or how to deploy machine learning models in PowerBI ?

3. Can you please let me know if Power Bi has the capability to perform ROC ((receiver operating characteristic ) algorithm in a native manner?  Is powerBI capable of perfoming ROC algorithm? Is there any such inbuilt facility in powerBI? I am interested in the using/displaying the threshold value, which I get from ROC algorithm.


I am looking for the steps/guides/videos/documents on how to deploy ML models into powerBI?

I am looking for immediate help.


The below is how my ROC Curve graph looks like.



New Member

Were you able to find solution in DAX? I need to calculate AUC but I can't.

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Never heard of that

You might get close to it with python/r script visual of python/r transformation

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