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Chat GPT Integration with PBI

I'm looking for the holy grail of analytics with embedded AI.  Does anyone have information on when MS will add Chat GBT functionality?

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It is possible to using AI Lense



Good afternoon, I find this message when trying to use the object integrated with chatgpt, could you tell me how to follow to pass this message.

Thank you


Advocate I
Advocate I

There are ChatGPT powered Visuals!

We acutally use ChatGpts functionality unluck some other visuals that just say "ChatGpt-like". 

You can take a look at the Power Bi Visual we are developing here. It essentially accopmplishes what you want. In the data source area of the visual it allows you to hook up the data sources you want OpenAI to have access to and then gives you a chatgpt like interface to talk about your data. We interact with OpenAI's API for a secure and confident visual. Let us know if you have any questions!

You can download it for free here:

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Hey everyone! We at phrazor use generative AI to create insights in Natural Language. The Phrazor Power BI visual can be downloaded here:

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Kudo Commander

Hi everyone we have just released a free ChatGPT Power BI visual. It can be downloaded here:

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Thanks for the ChatGPT visual!  Can this be used outside of Acterys visual framework?  Like can we use it independently to derive answers from other visuals on the Power BI report?

Absolutely! There is no subscription to Acterys required (although that of course has many a benefits 😉)

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It would be great if you could point to demos for the visual use.  I tried plugging in our data into "Category Data" and "Measure Data" fields of the ChatGPT visual and it seem to not recognize the contents of the data.  When I ask questions like "summarize the data" or "whats the MoM change %", it seem to not have any context.  Is there a step that I am missing on how to force the visual to look at the data on power bi desktop page?

As with ChatGPT the data can't be extended, so the visual also only works with what content Open AI has processed not your Power BI data model. 

Sorry, so what's the purpose of integratin this visual with PowerBi if it can't work with the dataset? Is it just to have built-in ChatGPT in the report?

Could you please elaborate on the Use Case of your visual? Our end users primarily require values rather than definitions, so I was hoping you could provide some additional information. Thank you, @karaoan .

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Here is a helpful tutorial for using ChatGPT to analyze data in Power BI! 

ChatGPT x Power BI | Use ChatGPT to Analyze Data in Power BI | TUTORIAL - YouTube


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within the Excel >> add ons>>brainiac
brainiac offers same kind of chat GPT experience without much hassle of office scripts.

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Very interested in finding out about this. I can see that people are integrating it to excel through API:

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