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Advocate II
Advocate II

Changing axis in matrix

How do I change axes in a matrix so that my rows become columns and vice versa?  Currently I have a date_string value as my Rows, and the other aggregates as Values.  But when I try adding this date_string value as a Column instead, it groups all of my aggregate measures under each date_string value.  I want my measure values to display from top down, not left to right.  How do I do this?

I have something like this:

date_str           A              B              C
201601           A1            B1            C1
201602           A2            B2            C2
201603           A3            B3            C3

But I want it to look like this:

            201601         201602          201603
A                 A1                 A2                  A3
B                B1                  B2                  B3
Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Hi @ironryan77.  Use Pivot column function in Query editor.




Thanks, Ravi.  does Pivot Column only work one column at a time?  I tried using this function, but I couldn't figure out how to aggregate the data.  After doing Pivot Column and choosing one of the metrics to pivot on, it still listed all of my metrics in the header row instead of column row.  "Transport Month" is the name of my date_str column that I want to pivot, and Total_Volume is the name of one of my metrics that I want listed in one row instead of one column.  


hi @ironryan77


Follow this steps:


1.Your original table



2.Select A,B,C  and click to Unpivot Columns


the results is:





2.Select Date_Str and click to Pivot Column





And the results is:





Lima - Peru

Thank you Victor.  I actually have more than one Attribute column; will Pivot Column still work in this case?  Or do I need to string all of my Attribute Columns together into one column to use as the Pivot?

Also, I couldn't figure out which Value to Pivot on.  (I have more than one Value column too).  When I tried Pivoting on just one Value column, I got this error below (Transport Month was my date_str column):


This was the error details:

Error Message:

Something's wrong with one or more fields: (Payor_Scorecard_All_Payors_Final_PROD) Transport Month

Stack Trace:

Invocation Stack Trace:

Activity ID

Wed Oct 05 2016 13:58:38 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

2.38.4491.282 (PBIDesktop)

Client Error Code





Can you put some sample table and the result that you expected?


With this input i'll try to think a solution.

Lima - Peru

OK existing sample data:

date_str     Attribute1          Attribute2            Value1       Value2         Value3
201601                A1                     B1                    C1             D1               E1
201602                A2                     B2                    C2             D2               E2
201603                A3                     B3                    C3             D3               E3


Here is how I want this to look:

                   201601      201602      201603
Value1               C1              D1              E1
Value2               C2              D2              E2
Value3               C3              D3              E3

The attributes are not relevant to the final output because the attributes are all slicer selections.  Which attributes appear depend on their selection.  Make sense?




I assume you have a table like below:



However, you should have Value category column and date_string column in your source table, your raw data should be like:




So for your requirement, you just need to put the Value type into row group and date_str into column group.




Thank you, but when I tried putting my values in Rows, it no longer summed them.  Now it just has a list of all Total Volume and TTM Volume values as below:




In matrix, we should put dimension field in rows and columns which are used to slice fact data. You can't put the fact data field into Rows. It will return nothing but a grand total.



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