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Helper V
Helper V

Change Row hierarchy order in Matrix without Edit rights?



We have a Matrix with 5 rows (fields), allowing the users to drill up and down from the first to the last.  However the users has asked if there is anyway they can change the order offered?


For instance, the order is currently:  Brand, Model, Fuel Type, Bodystyle, Transmission


But they may want to see it: Brand, Fuel Type, Model, Bodystyle, Transmission


I don't really want to give them full edit rights to the report as then they can do anything and potentially break the report / disturb the report.  I did offer two different Matrix tables layered on the other and then used Bookmarks to control which was being shown, but whilst this initially seemed ok, it is not ideal as they can navigate / drill down through one, press the button to switch the Matrix and they are back at level 1 in the hierarchy,


So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can dynamically change the field order?





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I don't believe this is possible.  I think Bookmarks and possibly setting up slicers vs drilling up and down to control what level of detail you are showing.

Hi @Seward12533


Apologies for the late reply, I had to go away unexpectedly.


I did actually find a sort of solution, based on this Guy In A Cube  video, where I used the field to change my Matrix rather than the Axis on a graph - same princilple applies:



However whilst this allowed me to dynamically change the first field in the Matrix / Row, I would have needed to create multiple instances for all of my different levels, and each Unpivot can generate a lot of rows, so can easily bloat a model.   Plust I am pretty certain I would loose any drilldown functionality would not work as required.


It was nice to see this in action, but not a solution I can use.



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Hi, Mark!


I have the same problem (I need to have possibility change row hierarchy order in Matrix without edit rights). Did you solve this problem?

Yea those guys are great. as you found a way. I would not get too hung up on the number of rows. The way PBI works it can efficiently handle tall skinny tables it’s more about the number of distinct values in each column and the number of columns. In a performance optimization talk I attended at the recent BI summit they significantly improved the performance by significantly improved performance of a model by drastically increasing the number of rows while restructing data in an effect to elimate some SUMX measures.

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