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Card Visuals with DAX not Showing Correct Data

Hello all,

I'm hoping for some help. I have the following DAX in a card visual - 

Total Requested = IF(
ISBLANK(COUNT('Volume Report 2021'[TaskingCode])),0,
COUNT('Volume Report 2021'[TaskingCode]))

And I have slicer linked to it which I have as "week commencing" to show me info for the total requested for the week selected. I have various other cards also layed out in the same format for different tasking codes. Here is my problem - 
The slicer adjusted the data fine but certain weeks are not the correct numbers when verified. For example, week commencing 4th Jan and then week commencing 11th Jan all show the correct numbers but for some reason, w/c 18th and w/c 25th show numbers which are not the correct totals for those weeks. So I have some weeks that are showing the right totals but other weeks which are not showing the correct totals.

Is there something I need to add to the DAX in the cards? I don't understand why it shows me the right totals for some weeks but not others.

Any help welcome and I hope I've given enough info.
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Hello all,


Just wanted to say that I solved the problem and for anything reading, I'd like to suggest the following, in order, whenever you come across an issue - 


1) - Check the data uploaded is correct and the most up to date (this was my issue).
2) - Then check the relationships.
3) - Then check your DAX for further problems.


Thanks for everyones replies.

Community Support
Community Support


There is no week or date column, please add more details. We Also provide the expected output based the above sample data. 


Read this post to describe your problem:


Paul Zheng _ Community Support Team


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@amitchandak Thanks for your reply.
And a very brief sample data below - 


I hope some of this helps, if there is anything else let me know, I feel already I'm being quite vague due to the sensitivity.



Super User
Super User

@iarerichard ,Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.

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