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Can you change the hovering colors of a horizontal slicer?

Recently I noticed that the hovering of a horizontal slicer causes big confusion among the end users.



- horizontal slicer, due to branding reasons - dark background, font color - white

- when you hover over the items the hovered item becomes light grey, there is no difference in the hover color for selected and non-selected items, the font color is not changed


As a result - the user does not understand if the hovered item is selected or not and the item label is barely readable. In the example below - can one tell are data filtered based on  "Test1" or not? 




Is there a way one to control the colors used for hovering the slicer items?




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This is an issue for us as well. it seems you can only style the way it looks when not selected/hovered over. Power BI sets the rest. Especially the hover with white txt on light grey background is very hard to read. 

On top of that, when you use the iOS app to browse a report, this "hovered" state is the one you see when you select a button. Not the "selected" state. Therefore the text on these buttons is bearly readable in iOS.

Please make it possible to be able to set the style for both selected and hovered state in a slicer (just like you can do with buttons) and/or fix this iOS issue.

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Up this topic, still we can't change the color of horizontal data segmentation hover painel effect?

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Has there been an update to this since 2016? I would desperately like the change the colors of my horizontal slicers, but haven't found anything useful on the forum yet.

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Hi @Tsanka,


   I don't understand the problem.

If you look at my screenshot you'll see that:


hover (1).png


hover (2).png

- in the first screenshot "Text2" isn't selected
- in the second screenshot "Text2" is selected

With the mouse over them there are a different shades of grey that allow the users to understand that when the grey is darkest, the filter is selected.

Let me know if it works.


#I'M Not An Expert#

@Anonymous, if you delete your first image and take a look at the second, are you sure that "Text2" is selected or is just hovered? My answer to this question would be "I am not sure" and that actually is the problem - the users cannot easily understand what is selected (when the visual is set with white text font color and a dark color for the background).


I would be nice if one can easily understand if a filter is applied or not without the need to compare the different shades of grey.


I thought there might be some place where you can change the colors used for hovering. It seems there isn't such a functionality yet. So my workaround is to use black for text and white for background.

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Ok, now I finally understand.

You're right, it will be a great functionality the ability to change the hovering colour.

Have you already submitted this like an idea?


#I'M Not An Expert#

No, I have not submitted it.


I was hoping there is something I have missed that could help. The discussion here might also ring the bell to someone not to use horizontal filters with dark background 🙂

Is this a chicklet slicer or something like that?

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

It is a slicer, chosen from the standard visuals galery and set to be with horizontal orientation.

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