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New Member

Can we create pivot tables and pivot charts akin to Excel in Power BI Desktop?

I'm new to Power BI Desktop and can't seem to make pivot tables and charts as quickly and easily or correctly as compared Excel.  Is there an option to this to make it easier to create?


For example: In Excel, I used line item data and summarized that data on a separate sheet.  I then created pivot tables and charts from the summarized data.  This gave me accurate representation in charts of what I calculated. 


When doing this in Power BI Desktop: I imported both line item and summarized data sheets into Power BI desktop.  However, the charts created from the Power BI Desktop doesn't seem to calculate the pivot table values like Excel.  Is there a trick to doing this in Power BI Desktop? Subsequently, the charts did not reflect the data I was hoping to see.


Please let me know if there is a trick I'm missing here.





New Member



Why there is no columns table like pivot table in power bi.



Dyson Isaac

You can create tables and matrix by using different visualization chart

New Member

Is there an update to this?  

Essentially one of the reports I'd like to create is a report with a pivot table that viewers can then drill down (or explore) the underlying data directly from that visual with all of the filters, etc. applied.  If this is currently possible and I've missed how to do this, I apologize. I'm totally new to PowerBI.


Is any update available? This would be so useful!

Have you tried using slicer? with charts?

Power Participant
Power Participant

@JamesTran Try working with your data model in Power BI Desktop tool by creating few measures and calculated columns to match your data as in pivot tables. Also you can create many more and much better visualizations in Desktop tool as compared with pivot charts. Hope this works Smiley Happy



I understand the use of measures and calculated columns, but I was hoping for an automated feature/capability such as the pivot table in Excel.  This is a key feature in Excel that is used very often to summarize data so management charts/graphs can be created quickly.  I was hoping Power BI would have this function readily available.  If not, do you know if they will add this feature soon or never?


Current Power BI charts/graphs are great, but without being able to summarize data quickly via pivot table, I can't even use the charts/graph capabilities provided unless it was for general tables/charting purposes.


Is there another option?  Else, I'd have to create many more calculated columns and measures manually in Power BI which will take time.






Hi James. You've hit on one of the areas we're heavily investing in at the moment. We want to make the table/matrix in Power BI much better, so please stay tuned!

Thank you WillT


When can we expect to see features similar to Excel pivoting in Power BI?  We are looking at analyzing data similar to Excel pivoting or the Power Pivot plug in and then build cross tab reports.


Thank you


@Teto I actually don't know if Will is on the PBI team any longer... his last login was March 😕

In any case, are you aware of the "Analyze in Excel" feature? This could be used as a stop-gap until something perminent comes along (if it comes along). Info Here

Side note, if you want an email notification to be sent to a user you directly reference in a post, add the "@" symbol before their name and it will highlight yellow. This will let you know that they will get a notification. (Like I did with you)


(edit: "Export to" should have been "Analyze in")

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Thank you Eno1978


No, I am not aware of the Export to Excel feature.  I am new to this product and am looking at introducing Microsoft Power BI to my company.  This will be an easy sell if pivoting features like in Excel is available in PowerBI.


Thank you

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