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Calculating ratios using measures

Hello everyone,

I am new to PowerBI, and I have this calculation of ratio that I want to make in a measure, that has been bothering for quite some time now. I have searched for any possible solution, but I havn't gotten the result I was looking for.
Here is a sample of how my data is structured:


I want to calculate a productivity ratio in the following way: Production / (Available resources * capacity).
I would like to be able to add the productivity ratio together between different plants and different dates, so I can filter the productivity ratio based on other plant charateristics (big/small or new/old), but I simply cannot figure out how to do it in a measure, as it keeps adding up the capacity, which it is not supposed to. So I would like to know how to keep this constant in a measure.
My expected result would for example be that the combined productivity ratio for 01/01/2023 for LA and New York is 58,1%.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Super User
Super User

hi @ttotheb 

can you describe how to get 58.1%?

Hi @FreemanZ 
Thank you very much for the reply.
So it would be the productivity ratio weighed by available resources for the plants.
Productivity ratio combined LA & NY 01/01/2023 =
(Available resources NY / Total available resources NY+LA * Productivity ratio NY) +
(Available resources LA / Total available resources NY+LA * Productivity ratio LA)

I really hope I make sense 🙂 
Thank you

hi @ttotheb 

could you use the numbers in your dataset and put them in a equation to get 58.1%?

These would be the numbers.
Sorry, they don't add up to 58,1% when only using two decimal places. I didn't think about that.

The point is, that I when I try to create a measure to calculate the productivity ratios, it adds up the capacities. Do you know if there is a way to keep those constant in a measure?

Thank you

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