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Bubble Map Zoom & Interaction issue

Hi Community!


I have 4 visuals on a page with a bar chart by region with a count.  A pie chart shows a breakdown of 4 categories which add up to the bar chart count.  A count card.  A bubble map showing location using post/zip code with the count determining the size of the bubble.


When I select a bar in the chart, the count card changes (tick), the pie chart changes (tick) and the map zooms into all all bubbles/locations within that region (tick).  However, when I then click on a bubble on the map the pie chart, count card and bar chart do what I want them to do but the map zooms back out to cover all regions where I need the map to stay zoomed in.  I first thought it was because the interaction on the bar chart was off, but it occurs regardless of the interaction chosen. 


Step 1 - all regions/values at total/default position with map zoomed out with full view (tick)

 Zoom Issue 1 Nov17.png


Step 2 - region bar selecte, count and pie chart change and map zooms to region (tick)


Zoom Issue 2 Nov17.png


Step 3 - after slected bubble clicked in step 2, region bar reverts back to totals amounts, pie chart chnages and count changes (tick).  However, map zooms back out to full view vs. staying zoomed into region (this happends regardless of which interaction I choose).


Zoom Issue 3 Nov17.png


Advocate I
Advocate I


I have the same issue.  I have a table with some data in it - rows are countries and states.  Clicking on a row, I get zoomed to the country or state in a second view - a bubble map.  I want to be able to click on a bubble to get more detailed information in a thrid table.


However, clicking on the bubble zooms the map out to a full global view.  Not very convenient if I want to examine a numb er of bubbles withing the selected geography.


Has this issue been solved?






Hi @wakey14,


Currently, cross filtering/highlighting can only work on a single visual. If you select on another visual, it will reset the original filtering/highlight.


Here is the idea shared on Power BI Ideas. You can vote it up and add your comments there to improve Power BI on this feature. Smiley Happy



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