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Branding - report server

Hi, the current Power BI Report Server preview does not seem to be displaying the logo from an uploaded Branding. Is this a bug or does the branding file need to be different in some way to a normal SSRS branding file?


Colors etc are fine, its just the logo not displayed. Tested with my own branding file in SSRS, and an example SSRS branding file from Microsoft - no logo displays for either.

Helper I
Helper I

Validating the issue (we are experiencing the same problem in our installation).


Any official acknowledgement or feedback?

Have they replied?  YES.  Have they provided a solution?  NO.   Using the default branding package, they sent me a response claiming it was working with screenshots (who knows if they were comparing apples to apples).  I countered by sending them screenshots of the web interface with the OUR branding package applied in both SSRS and PBIRS.  Still no response.


To clarify, I'm referring to (left sidebar menu font differences between SSRS and PBIRS).  I applied our SSRS branding package which DID change the font color in SSRS, but was not working in PBIRS.  Maybe the version of the branding package changed since creating it under SSRS, or there's a new one for PBIRS?  All I can say is I experimented with our branding package elements and could not get it to work, but yet it worked flawlessly under SSRS for the left menu pane font colors as defined in our branding package.
I am providing screenshots I saved so you can see the left menu and the differences in font colors using the EXACT SAME company branding package with both SSRS and PBIRS. (Using latest version of PBIRS or v14.0.600.286).
If they're stating it's working perhaps they could provide me with the JSON files (before and after) to shed greater light on how they altered the colors as noted in their reply.  I provided the evidence below that it does NOT work and requested further clarification.  It makes NO sense that it shows up one way under SSRS and another way under PBIRS with the EXACT SAME company branding package.
Here's how the company branding package looks in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services):

SSRS (Left Side Color Scheme).png


Here's how the EXACT SAME company branding package looks with PBIRS (Power BI Reporting Server):

PBIRS (Left Side Color Scheme).png

We are experiencing the broken logo but I can also confirm the sidebar colors not following the brand package as in previous version.



I'm just wondering what Microsoft Power BI Report Server development team is going to do about this.  There's been complete silence on the subject from them since I presented tangible evidence supporting these claims.

This seems solved (at least the logo problem) in the latest preview - Kudos!

Logo problem not solved with Power BI Server (October 2017) edition.


Update: Microsofts documentation says to use PNG. PNG does not work, but .GIF does.

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PNG is working ok for me.


Perhaps it is something specific about some PNG's it does not like?





Doesn't work for me.

  • Neither with GIF nor PNG.
  • Neither with Firefox (52) nor IE (11)

My branding package contains only a logo (minimal colors.json file)

Jean-Pierre Riehl
MVP Data Platform
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It's not just the logo.  The graphics for mobile reports won't work either.



The left menu pane font colors are off between SSRS and PBIRS using the same branding package.  What's up with that?  An example are the font colors in the left menu pane under "Site Settings."

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I allso notice that issue.

With chrome looks fine.

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You're correct! I hadn't noticed that it is fine in Chrome (and Edge!) but not in IE.

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