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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Best Visual for Displaying a Scale in the y-axis and Date Timeline in the x-axis

Hi there,

I have some data in my model that has ratings for entities. Looks a bit like this:

Date of rating  Entity  Rating  
01/11/2022AVery Low

In my report, the focus is on one selectable entity at a time.

I need a visual to do the following:

On the x-axis I would like a data timeline displayed that picks up the 'date of rating'.

On the y-axis I would like a kind of scale provided where at the top or highest point is the label "Excellent" and the bottom is "Very Low".

I am thinking that best for this would be a line graph that shows the movement of the rating through time, going high and low. However, I need some help achieving this if possible because from my efforts I am only getting counts displayed in the y-axis.

How can I achieve this?

Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Hi @Ritaf1983 

Many thanks for this and for looking into it for me. 

I suppose this is sort of a workaround. I guess I was hoping that the y-axis could actually be labelled with text, as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc carries no meaning for the report viewer and would save them the additional step of having to match a number with a legend. But I guess this is not possible because, as you say, it must be numeric.


Yep. This is what we have , pbi is analitics tool, not graphic designer.

You can also put text boxes on values of axis y with the doscription , but again this should be numbers .

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I think a better idea would be set a fixed range for the visual between 0 and 9 (this is how many possuble categories of rating there could be), get rid of the y-axis labels and then cover over the axis with a visual (maybe an image) of the scale, or even a single column table ordered by the ranking column.


You can design the scale with power point in needed proportions , add it to the graph and gropup.

But all this tricks can be problematic if the data dynamic because of responsivity.

Legend much more safe.

Super User
Super User

Hi @julesdude 
The purpose of the graphs is to show the relationships between numerical measures, so the Y-axis always should be numeric.
To achieve your goal you can translate the rating from words to numbers scaled 1-5 and create insightful graphs like a lune chart or heat bar with some "legend" for the scales.
For example, refer to the attached picture.

I also prepared PBIX you can download it from : This link 


If this post helps, then please consider Accepting it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


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