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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Azure Maps Not Working (Initially)

I think I found a bug here.  Every time I attempt to use Azure Maps visual in Power BI, I get the error message "To display azure maps visuals, sign in."


I am signed in.

Azure Maps are authorzied on my tenant.

All is as it should be.


I switch gears and use the ArcGIS visual instead.  It works.

I switch back to Azure Maps.  It works.


Side note... where is the feedback button in desktop?

Frequent Visitor

 I get this all the time - very annoying.

Helper III
Helper III

I've been getting this error. It doesn't seem to affect published reports. It seems to be an intermittent error. I just sign out and back in and it usually goes away. 

Super User
Super User

@jusTodd , Make sure you have logged in Power BI Desktop.


Azure map is enabled at tenant level


Also make sure you are using recent version of power bi

Thanks @amitchandak .  Logged in Power BI, using lastest version.


Funny thing happened right after I posted this.  It randomly stopped working again, asking me to login.  Power BI showed that I was logged in, but when I hit the menu to login, it showed that I was not logged in.  


Weird behavior.  I understand what is happening now, but not why.

Thanks for the sign in hint. @jusTodd. I had to sign out and sign in again then Azure maps worked.a

As you said its weird behavior becasue I was already signed in. Maybe an update to Azure maps upset things.

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