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Helper I

Automated Testing Tool

Is there any automated testing tool for Power BI?

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@tameemyousaf , as others have said, it depends what you're trying to test. If you're trying to test the user experience with the frontend, as @acbg is, then you would probably want to use tools like Selenium, Tosca, UFT, etc to interact with the UI.


If you're interested in testing that the visuals are configured with the correct filters and such, in other words, that they are displaying the data you expect them to display, then you could still use the tools above but you'd need to build something to query your database to get your expected result. This second scenario is what I've been doing for a client. It's not simple but it's definitely possible. 


I found that this approach worked well but there were other challenges (like running thousands of tests in a reasonable timeframe, cost of maintenance, distinct skillset to the rest of the team) that eventually lead me to build my own tool. If you're interested, you can check it out here.

Resolver III
Resolver III

I am also looking for the same, an automated testing tool for reports in power bi service.
Wanting to test the reports in the service on the following:
When slicers are applied, is the card/chart yielding correct results and exporting it correctly.
Also when a button is selected is it navigating to correct page or bookmark.

Dax studio is not a great tool if your data is changing, as you still have to type in the expected results. And of course it does not check the front end navigation.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Super User
Super User

@tameemyousaf Depends what you are trying to test but in general, no, there is no specific tool for automated testing with Power BI like there is for Dynamics 365 CRM for instance. What are you testing?


If you are trying to test user interaction, potentially RPA like Power Automate


If this is embedding, if you embed the Power BI reports in a JavaScript application, most of the testing could be testing the JS scripts. Some other references as follows:


If you are trying to test DAX -


If you are trying to test Power Query, could probably do it similar to above testing DAX


If you have R and Python code, not sure.

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@tameemyousaf , I am not able to recall one quickly.

Check this article if this can help a bit -

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