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Power BI Team
Power BI Team

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview) Discussion

Since we announced ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (Preview), we've been getting a lot of great questions and positive feedback.


Let's use this thread for a discussion of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, including any issues you might encounter when using the feature.


You can now use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI feature in the September release of Power BI Desktop. Remeber to enable it in the options menu.


You can find documentation here:


Some have asked for features:


A) Sign in to ArcGIS Online; it's on the road map ... vote for this idea to keep updated

B) Shapefile support ... use the ShapeMap visual


Known Issues:

Starting Monday 2/14/2017 you may receive an error when opening Power BI desktop when you have enabled ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (preview).  Please review this thread for further details. The workaround for this issue is documented here.

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@scottball The full data set is not something I can share, however I created a quick demo to show the formatting problem and the incorrectly mapped postcode areas if that's any help:!AvRL2YBsS-X9mMxP8RnL55BPHEZweg


Frequent Visitor

Hey Guys,


what's the reason for this limit (1500)? Because preview version or smth else?

Is it going to be upgrade? awesome tool but useless now 😞


The 1,500 limitation is something Esri needed to put in place because the cost of street address geo-coding is non-trivial. If you provide a lat-long, you'll see the ArcGIS Map for Power BI shows more than 1,500 data points. The 1,500 data point limitation only applies to street address geo-coding - so if you specify things like place names (cities, counties, postal codes) the limit won't apply. We're working with Esri to enable you to sign-in to ArcGIS Online, which will allow you to view more than 1,500 data points on the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI.


thx for reply, i know about different limitations with different arguments (location, lat/long) and i tried to use both of them, but there is a little problem (for me ofc :)) that when i use lat/long (declared limit 30,000 by ArcGis) i cant make map with boundaries (states/regions)... Smiley Sad am i wrong?

You can definitely do boundaries - the boundaries are for standard geographies like countries, states/provinces, postal codes, cities. You need to put a value in the Location field, then go into full screen edit mode (the on visual pencil icon in upper right hand corner), go to Location Type and select "Boundaries". If you want to use custom boundaries then you should use the ShapeMap visual that Power BI provides.


Yeap, you're right if we are talking about Location but not for Lat/Long, so:

  1. Location - can do boundaries but the limit (1,500)...
  2. Long/lat - nice limit (30,000) but can't do boundaries

that's what i'm talking about Smiley Happy


Shape map has some issues, but this is another story 😄

Can you try changing the model Data Category for the data field you specified to match the kind of boundary you're mapping? See if that resolves the issue (you might need to navigate away from the page and back again). I that doesn't work, could you attach your file or send it to me lukaszp at Microsoft dot com, I'd like to take a look. (for others, please use the community and respect my inbox :)). See the attached image generated today with ArcGIS Maps for Power BI build - 3280 postal codes in Australia rendered just fine. Would like to understand why your data is limited. The way Esri's control works under the covers is they have two geocoders. If the address geocoder is invoked, you're limited to 1,500 - it should only be invoked for street addresses, but perhaps there's something about your data that invokes it. The other geocoder handles places etc. it's not limited.


Did some example, mailed 🙂

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

That makes sense and this all sounds great.  Looking forward to updates and embedded capabilities.  Very disruptive to status a really good way.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Not sure if anyone else have this issue but when I publish (Web) to the public with ArcGIS, the map doesn't show. It's blank but if I change the map to use the built-in one, it works great and it shows but not ArcGIS. Anyone dealing with this?


My visualizations still does not work either. I will  try to create new one and test it.

We have not enabled ArcGIS Maps for Power BI in any embed scenarios (Publish to web, or otherwise). We're working through how to ensure we get the experience right given that we're working to enable users to sign-in to ArcGIS Online to get access to their organizational content.



I'm experiencing some problem with ArcGIS in PowerBI.


I need to use a public map because I need an Aerial/Satellite representation of data and I've choosen to use Word Imagery (!) but when I select this map nothing happens. No aerial/satellite layers are shown on the tile.


Can someone help me out?





ArcGIS Maps for Power BI does not include aerial/satellite base maps options. So it is unclear what option you're selecting within Power BI. If you're using ArcGIS Maps outside of Power BI, please direct your question to Esri's user community.

Thanks lukaszp,

no no I'm using Arcgis in Power BI and I've done the following: I went to Reference Layer menu, selected ArcGIS and searched for World Imagery. Selected World Imagery item and flagged "add".


Nothing happened to the map instead I was expecting that an aerial/satellite layer would be loaded...


Hope that I've managed to explain me better now.


Let me know!

Hi Edoardo,

I had np need tof this option , but i tried it out .. selected world Imagery and nothing happened too. So may be contact Esri on this as looks like there is another method to enable this.


Kind Regards


Quick update on this - the team at Esri are looking into why this layer didn't work.
Frequent Visitor

Hi All,


I am having an issue with this visualization, in that I cannot seem to enable the See Records functionality under the Explore menu item.  Is anyone else having this issue, and does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?



Regular Visitor

Even though ArcGIS is enabled in preview features, and I have built a map using that visualization tool, the visualization has been completely stripped from my model (blank). After reopening Desktop, the AcrGIS tool icon in visualization is completely gone. What happened?

The visual requires network connectivity to load. Since you're posting here, you seem to have network.  Can you share your file with us so we can take a look? 

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