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Adding average column



I am completely new to PowerBI and am struggling to find a way to get an average column behind my Total (on the year line).


I have come that far that I can do an average, but that would give me an average per year and month. I have tried to follow some of the examples here and on the web, but get no joy. So I know that it is feasible. However on some examples I already noticed a mistake, that where the cell is empty, it averaged the 2 filled cells, but did not consider the blank cells where there was no sales.


I would also need the average in the end to do some calculations, but this I can manage through adding a calculated column in my sheets.



Who can help me out?

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Thank you very much for the swift answer.


If I do my best to follow, I get the below. I get my averages in each column, and not just one and the outcome of the averages is only devided by the number of values found and not the total amount of months.


Basically what is needed, is 1 column saying: Total Quantity devided by 14 months.


Should I build a new calculating tabel where I say: sum ( quantity) / 14? Where no months are given, only the totals?

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@mvanhalum , Based on what I got

if you want avg when total and sub total to be displayed then try


if( Not Isinscope(Table[Month]) ,

Averagex(Values(Table[Month Year]), [Measure])  , [Measure] )

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