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Add a font

I want to add MONTSERRAT as a font to choose from in all my reports. How can I do that?

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Hi everyone, I wanted to reopen the topic to know how this feature is managed nowadays :

- Can I add my proper font with this method ? In that case how should I name it (call it in the function tho) ? 
- If I can read this font because it's installed on my computer, do we know if this font will be visible for all external viewer ? Or is there a way to embed it ? 


Thank you so much, 

Hi AdrienL,


I'm having the same trouble. Did you solve the problem at the end?




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With the addition of Themes, this is now possible. As I was also looking for the solution and stumbled on this same query which looks unanswered, I thought of posting the solution from my end which is working fine for me.


1. Go to and download the JSON file for any theme you like.

2. Open the JSON file using Notepad++ or similar editor and add below lines. Change the font family to one you would like to have.

			"*":[{"fontFamily": "HELVETICA NEUE"

3. Import and select the theme in PowerBI to set the font family for entire report. This should set you up.




Hi @Anonymous , 


Do you know if there is a way that I can get the fonts to work on the service and embedded as well? 


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I also would like to use a font in my text boxes that is not currently included in the selection.

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You can import it as .less file.

@import (less) url('');


Can you please advise where to add this import statement?

See if this helps: 

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Thank you Paul. I have updated my theme file with custom font. What i was wondering is if the font is not available for the end user, how does it work? Where to add the import fonts statement but I got to know it is still not available to import fonts using powerbi.

I really don't know the answer. However, given that the report/app will be shared through the Power BI service, I would wager that the fact that an end user's Windows does not have the font installed should be irrelevant; it's consumed through the web. Again, this is just applying logic so I could very well be wrong.

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In doing so, you are also helping me. Thank you!

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Paul on Linkedin.

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Sounds good! Where do I enter this code?

This is currently possible only with custom visuals. 


Sample custom visual with Font family assigned under style/visual.less

@kiranvijay please could you help me? I have the same request to add Lato font to use in a .pbix file

I've installed nodejs but I can't understand how to use and where I have to add the code @import ect.

Thank you

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I have the same question. I'm install new font into Windows>Fonts. But it still not effective with "Font family" in Power BI.

I think it should be use the same library.


I'm update new one. My friend install the same font and can see it. I don't know how to fix 😞





Hi @Anonymous,

Until now, we can't add the fond except supported fonts family, please review the ideas and vote them.

Best Regards,

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MONTSERRAT is actually just a standard font. Even that is not possible?

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