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Access to PowerBI dataset with Row Level Security

Hello PowerBI gurus,


Hope you all are doing well. I have a query with row-level security (RLS) applied to one of my powerbi datasets, hope you can shed some light on it.




I have a power dataset that is used in multiple reports and is published in a different workspace (ex workspace A, B). I want to apply  RLS to the dataset and publish it to a new workspace (say S) for a use case. 



The problem I am facing is now people who had access to reports in Workspace A & B are not able to access the report as they are not part of the RLS group and it throws an error saying the underlying dataset has RLS applied, please contact the owner. They are able to access the report only if we give them access to entire workspace, which we dont want to do.


I had to duplicate the dataset and apply RLS to the new one and publish it to workspace S and and publish dataset without RLS in A & B. Now we have ended up with 2 datasets which looks exactly similar.


I want to know if there is any workaorund in providing accees to the user to report which uses dataset with RLS applied.


Thanks for your time.

Advocate I
Advocate I

hello, can someone confirm if RLS works with 'Read' permissions only (share the report with the end user instead of adding the end user as Viewer in the workspace)?


Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,
If you publish your Power BI Desktop report to a workspace in the Power BI service, the RLS roles are applied to members who are assigned to the Viewer role in the workspace. Even if Viewers are given Build permissions to the dataset, RLS still applies. For example, if Viewers with Build permissions use Analyze in Excel, their view of the data will be protected by RLS. Workspace members assigned AdminMember, or Contributor have edit permission for the dataset and, therefore, RLS doesn’t apply to them. If you want RLS to apply to people in a workspace, you can only assign them the Viewer role .
You can simply assign user AdminMember, or Contributor roles and they can access it .
Thanks ,
Pratyasha Samal
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Hi Pratyasha, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Instead of giving the users Viewer access, is it possible to give them access to a specific report which is built out of dataset which has RLS


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