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Using SUMMARIZECOLUMNS as virtual table with dynamic filter context



I have below measure that use SUMMARIZE to create a virtual table that has filter context dynamically change based on the visual context (for example, different quarters on a line charts). The measure works beautifully when I want to show the result by quarters


However, I want to be able to add up the result of the Delta $ amount from each quarter in the virtual table, but the above code will only give me the weighted average of all quarters. Thus I create below code with SUMMARIZECOLUMNS that allow me to bring in columns from different tables, hoping that the external filter context of the quarters (PeriodName) can dynamically filter the virtual table


But it seem that the measure do not work at all and return below error. How can I fix this?




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@duybachhpvn ,

Any solution worked out for you?

Do the above replies help? if you need more help make me @

Appreciate your Kudos.

Hi Amitchandak,

Unfortunately I cannot combine Summarize and SUMMARIZECOLUMNS. It seem that SUMMARIZECOLUMNS does not support dynamic filter context like SUMMARIZE does?

You need to replace SUMMARIZECOLUMNS with SUMMARIZE, not use them together.  The error you are seeing is common with SUMMARIZECOLUMNS.  With SUMMARIZE, you will need to add the name of the table you are summarizing to your measure.




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@duybachhpvn , Can use summarize on top of summarizecolumns and try


Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.

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