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Helper III
Helper III

Understanding DATESYTD, DATESBETWEEN and similar functions

I am trying to understand what is happening beneath the surface with functions like DATESYTD and DATESBETWEEN.  The scenario:


  • A measure [Total]
  • A calendar table Calendar with columns Date, Year, Month, Day
  • A matrix with rows Year, Month and value [Total]
  • Some YTD measures (below)

Measure 1 - Using TOTALYTD - ok

Measure 2 - Using CALCULATE and DATESYTD



All three work as expected and produce the expected result.  Curiosity has me wondering how the 2nd and 3rd are doing so relative to the matrix layout.  In my expressions I do not refer to of modify (clear) the filters on Year, Month, Day.  

Given DATESYTD and DATESBETWEEN return a single column table.  

If I wrote the expression using the custom technique with FILTER then I'd need to explicitly clear the filters on those columns or the entire Calendar table. 

I assume DATESYTD and DATESBETWEEN are doing this but is there any documented details on how these functions work?  


Measure 2 = CALCULATE ( [Total, DATESYTD ( 'Calendar'[Date] ) )
Measure 3 = CALCULATE ( [Total], DATESBETWEEN ( 'Calendar'[Date], STARTOFYEAR ( 'Calendar'[Date] ), LASTDATE ( 'Calendar'[Date] ) ) )

Note, am not concerned about the theory of other functions (unless they relate to this topic), am well aware of when and how simple functions like MAX/MIN should be used.


Helper III
Helper III

Giving this a slight bump.  Anyone?

@marcorusso time for the super heros of DAX to have an input? 🙂

Thank you @marcorusso, hit the nail on the head (again!).


Mid-way through the article I was saying to myself "but it works irrespective of Mark as Date table" as that was part of my testing.  Only a couple of paragraphs later did I read about when the Date column is the key in the relationship.


My life feels much more complete now Smiley Very Happy

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