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Advocate I

The ability for Line Chart to include dates <= Slicer Value

I have a drop down list that can select only one date.  All the visuals on the page filters based on that one date.  The Line Chart visual ignores the slicer.  The dataset never truncates.  It captures all the data for that day.  The day that is loaded is the As Of Date.  I want the line chart to show the total for each day.  This will show the accumulation of records for each day.  For example, on the 5th of March there were 500 records.  On the 6th of March, there as an addtional 50 records so the total on March 6th, shows 550 records.  This is how I want it to behave and currently it does perfectly.  However, If someone selects March 9th, I don't want the line chart to calculate the daily totals beyond March 9th.  This is the part I am struggling with.  


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One cannot tell anything about how to solve this unless one knows the underlying model...


The Model contains all the prior records and current records for each day.  The line chart is ignoring the Date Slicer.  It totals the row count for each day.  This is working fine.  Now, if someone selects March 9th, I want the line chart to only show the dates <= March 9th.  Even though there are additional dates 10th, 11th, 12th.... Show 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and stop at the 9th.

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