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Stopping Measure which has date filtering from interacting with date slicer



Hi any help would be appreciated


Unfortunately as this is for a client I'm unable to provide the data. Is there anything else I can provide or answer to help ?


Thank you

I think it's not true as you can always make data up or even use the current set with some obfuscation. It just takes a bit of time to do that.

I will try and do this.... Surely due to how often extremely sensitive data is being worked on in Power BI there must be experience providing help without the underlying data.


Appreciate the comments so far though...

I'll surprise you - no, there is no such experience. There are problems that can't be solved without seeing some data that demonstrates the issue. Very often people who help others here on the forum must create a data set themselves. But this is tedious (and sometimes even not possible because the same problem can have multiple models - which one do you have?) and the burden of supplying data rests on the asker, not the helper.

Your first two sentences contradict themselves. However, if you believe this is a scenario that cannot be solved without the underlying data then I respect that and will a) delete this thread as I don't believe it has been a constructive discussion. b) attempt to create an anonymised sample.


Thank you for your comments anyway


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Please paste a link to a file that demonstrates clearly your issue. Such a file can reside on any shared drive that will be accessible to a public user (Google Drive, OneDrive...). Don't forget to set access rights properly so that we can acess it. It would be good if you could also add some comments in the file so that we know what the problem is. Thanks.

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