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Ribbon Chart

I have a column of "subcategories" for service desk ticket details.  I need to show the top 3 subcategories over the last x weeks.  I used a ribbon chart which was great but i quickly realized it doesnt show me the top 3 for each week but rather the top 3 based on the total sum over x weeks.  For exampe, one subcategory was #2 for the week but over the course of a 4 week period, it's not in the top 3 so the ribbon chart omits that category completely.  So based on that, I would miss that detail during my report.


is there a way to show the top 3 for each week individually?  I know I can use a matrix or table but is there a better visual I can use?

Super User
Super User

hi @ccianci 

what context do you have for the ribbon chart? could you make a screenshot?

Here's a screenshot.  First image is the matrix view and the 2nd image is the same data in a ribbon chart.

I highlighted (in yellow) the top 3, which is because over the 4 week period, the sum of those 3 are the highest and that makes sense why the ribbon would show those 3.  The problem is where I highlighted in red.  Week 12 has "hardware" surpassing "software/applications" but it's not in the top 3 because of the overall sum is less than the others.


for further context:

x-axis is "year & week"

y-axis is "count of subcategory"

legend is "subcategory"



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