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RankX Problems with Part #'s and Description

Hello everyone,


Just getting started with PBI and have found these forums very helpful so far. However, I've run into an issue with a current report that I'm hoping to get some help with. I've created a RANKX measure to calculate Top 10 failed parts by how much they've cost us, see below:

Top10Part$$$ = RANKX(ALL(D_CLAIM_COF_VW[COF_PART_NUMBER]),[SumOfTotalAccpt])


However, because I've only used the part number field, only the part number is displayed and not the actual description, which resides in this column: COF_PART_DESC


I've added COF_PART_DESC to the tool tips, however, it only shows a count of the values and these are text strings. I need a way to display both the Part Number and Part Description in the same visual. Can I edit my RANKX function to do this or is there another way this should be done?


Super User
Super User

Hi, you need a new measure that you use as a tool tip. =FIRSTNONBLANK(Table1[COF_PART_DESC],1).


In my opinion this is a silly work around and too hard to do. It should be drop down change on the tool tip rather than this what i feel is a clunky fix..





// if this is a solution, please mark as such.

// if this is a solution please mark as such. Kudos always appreciated.

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