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New Member

Need help with creating subset table using filter()

Hi everyone,


In a bit of a pickle here.

i have been trying to create a subset of my main table using selectedvalues() from a slicer.


mth  | ID | Savings
31/01/2023 | A123 | 50,000
28/02/2023 | A123 | 60,000
31/01/2023 | B456 | 35,000
28/02/2023 | B456 | 30,000
31/01/2023 | C789 |15,000


 start_mth = format(SELECTEDVALUE(onboarding_base[mth]),"DDMMYYYY")

i tried the simple way of 

track_end_filtertable =


This doesnt work.

I also tried to break it down the measure  further as follows but it failed too.


track_start_min_period_id =
var v_m = format(SELECTEDVALUE(onboarding_base[min_period_id]),"DDMMYYYY")
var v_year = format(right(v_m,4),"")
var v_day = format(left(v_m,2),"")
var v_mth = format(left(right(v_m,6),2),"")
var v_date_sel = datevalue(v_day&"/"&v_mth&"/"&v_year)
return DATEVALUE(v_date_sel)



track_start_filtertable =
var v_date = [track_start_min_period_id]
return filter(filter(onboarding_base,onboarding_base[min_period_id]=[track_start_min_period_id]),onboarding_base[period_id]=[track_start_min_period_id])
Lastly i also broke the date down and used date (year,month,day). Again.. no success.
However in all instances, if i were to hard code the dates, the subset filtered table is created successfully.
Im at wits end! appreciate the help!


Super User
Super User

hi @faridzridzwan ,


it doesn't work, because a calculated table (or column) is not supposed to respond to any behavior of report visuals, like slicer selection. 

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