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Helper II
Helper II

Multiple IF functions with filter

Hey All,


I have the following dax formula, the purpose of which is to create different customer profiles. So dependent on the "order quantity" of each distinct "% key customer" return either: Low,medium,high or top. It works if I put a matrix table with key customer next to customer categories and order count. However when I just put the "Customer category" in a matrix it will return just the value "top". I would like to have this new measure show all of the categories in a matrix (Low,medium,high or top) so I can compare sales value. Thanks in advance!




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @stino123 ,

I'm not clear what's the relationship of customer category and Key customer, could you please explain more or give a simple example of your data?

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ kalyj


Super User
Super User


Try uisng SWITCH + TRUE to achieve this. The basic structure is as follows: SWITCH(TRUE(),condition1, result1,
condition2, result2 ...

To get this to show in matrix I recommend creating a new table e.g. Table = {("Low"),("Medium"),("High"),("Top")}

Then use this table in comination with your category measure to get the desired end result.

E.g. Filter = If(Table[Value]=[Measure],1,0)

Place this as a visual filter to enable slicing based on category. (Filters on this visual: Filter is 1)

Then you can create e.g. count measures to get values based pn category:

Bool High = IF([Measure]="High",1,0)

Count high = SUMX(orders,[Bool high])

I hope this post helps to solve your issue and if it does consider accepting it as a solution and giving the post a thumbs up!

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