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Measures for managing a rewards system

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I am trying to use powerpivot for running a rewards system. Customers earn points for sales and can redeem at any time before they expire. Points expire 1 year after issue. I have a sales table, a date table, a customer ID table and rewards table. I can calculate points earned ok but I am struggling with creating measures for allocating redeemed points so I have a true balance of points a customer has. Sales table and rewards table are linked by customer ID and the date table links to rewards and sales tables. The rule I want to implement is that redeemed points are used against points earned in chronological order unless they expired at the point of redemption, in which case the next earliest instance of points earned should be used. 

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Hi - thanks for the advice on getting an answer to my question, hopefully this post is good enough. I have attached sample data here. Points are earned as 2 points for every £100 spend per order. Points expire 1 year after being earned, I use invoice date as the earned date. When points are redeemed the available balance should be used on a FIFO basis unless they expired before being used. In which case they should be removed from available balance and redeemed points should use next earliest available points. The results tab is what I am trying to aim for, I can get the points, redeemed and **bleep** values. I just cannot work out how to show expired points and only expire them if not redeemed. Any help greatly appreciated.

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