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Limiting a visual till current selection

I have a slicer which is coming from Calendar table it has dates from 01-01-2015 to 12-31-2060, i have limited sllicer to year 2020 & 2021 with 

var loaddate = max('Brand Attributes'[insert_timestamp])
IF((SELECTEDVALUE('Time Dimension'[Date].[Year])=YEAR(TODAY())&& SELECTEDVALUE('Time Dimension'[Date].[Date]) <=loaddate)

|| SELECTEDVALUE('Time Dimension'[Date].[Year])=YEAR(TODAY())-1,1)
in this 'Brand Attributes'[insert_timestamp] is the column on which data is being updated. Along with this we have prev_year_sales & current_year_sales columns. I want to achieve if we have whole 2021 is selected (current month +2 months)

Filter passed on above visual is 

CurrentYear_Chart =
var loaddate=MAX('Brand Attributes'[insert_timestamp])
return IF(AND(Year('Time Dimension'[Date])=YEAR(TODAY()),'Time Dimension'[Date]<=loaddate) ||AND(MONTH('Time Dimension'[Date])<=MONTH(TODAY())+2,MONTH('Time Dimension'[Date])>MONTH(TODAY())) || Year('Time Dimension'[Date])=YEAR(TODAY())-1,1)
It is a calculated column on Date Table.

If I deselect June (Current Month) then it should show data only till May 2021 but when I deselect june It is showing like 



But I want it to be till may only. I want to achieve it with Heirarchy slicer



Not applicable



Please get familiar first with how to properly work with dates and times in PBI: Standard time-related calculations – DAX Patterns


Then, you can make use of this hint: If a measure returns BLANK, it will not be shown in a visual. Also, you can filter a visual through the Filter Pane and make use of any measure you find useful.

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