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Measure to filter duplicates from another column taking highest value

I'm looking at the bandwidth usage across circuits and in many situations (not all) I get 4 rows per interval for a single circuit.
The ingress and egress on the ports at either end.

I need to keep all 4 rows for different purposes and am slicing the date rage but for this visual I just want to show the highest usage for the date range defined by the slicer. 


In the example data below I'd only want to display the row in red.

How could I easily filter this either with a measure or a new column in the table or combination of both?


DateInitialDestinationDirectionMax UsageAverage Usage



Super User
Super User

@SuzanneNZ , based on what I got , a new column and measure


New column =
vat _max = maxx(filter(Table, Table[Direction] ="OUT"),[Max Usage])
if([Max Usage] =_max,true(), false())


New Meausre =
vat _max = maxx(filter(allselected(Table), Table[Direction] ="OUT"),[Max Usage])
countrows(filter(Table, Table[Max Usage] =_max))

Thanks that's halfway there and works for a single circut where the OUT value is the highest with changable date ranges.   For multiple circuits where the IN might be the highest is only picking up one circuit.

For the larger table below I'd want to report the two line is red for February.
Date Initial Destination Direction Max Usage Average Usage
1/03/2020 A B IN 5.32 4.25
1/03/2020 A B OUT 4.45 1.2
1/03/2020 B A IN 4.48 1.46
1/03/2020 B A OUT 5.65 4.24
1/02/2020 A B IN 8.16 4.25
1/02/2020 A B OUT 4.48 1.2
1/02/2020 B A IN 4.52 1.46
1/02/2020 B A OUT 8.48 4.24
1/01/2020 A B IN 5.2 2.97
1/01/2020 A B OUT 7.45 1.89
1/01/2020 B A IN 7.46 1.59
1/01/2020 B A OUT 5.25 2.42
1/03/2020 C D IN 4.53 4.25
1/03/2020 C D OUT 4.25 1.2
1/03/2020 D C IN 4.48 1.46
1/03/2020 D C OUT 5.65 4.24
1/02/2020 C D IN 11.59 4.25
1/02/2020 C D OUT 10.59 1.2
1/02/2020 D C IN 4.52 1.46
1/02/2020 D C OUT 5.98 4.24
1/01/2020 C D IN 5.2 2.97
1/01/2020 C D OUT 2.86 1.89
1/01/2020 D C IN 7 1.59
1/01/2020 D C OUT 5.29 2.42

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