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Issue getting aggregated summary value with multiple slicers and a parameter filter

To all you PowerBI gurus, I am having trouble figuring out a solution to my problem.
Please be gentle, I am a novice…

In the attached example (scrubbed), I have three key components…

  • Clients
  • Cities
  • Revenue

For our purposes we look at the value of our Clients against different combinations of the cities from which they are serviced. Sometime singularly, sometimes in different combinations.

The table on the left is a "client-high" value table filtered against the threshold slicer to present only clients whose aggregated value is above the selected threshold. We use the city slicer to determine which cities to consider in the solution set, and then the threshold filter to identify the number of clients above that threshold (ie >$500k, >$1m, etc)

I am trying to replicate the results of the far left table into a rolled up summary, as single scalar values…one set that shows the value of clients within the threshold and one outside (below) the threshold. However, all my attempts are failing.
The problem is that the threshold slicer is acting on the value of each of the  individual cities, and not the aggregated value of the client. I cannot seem to find a way to aggregate the client value against the selected cities, and the apply the threshold to that subset.,,ie the value shown far left in this sample data.

Thanks in advance to anyone who cares to entertain assisting me.





Link to sample folder 

Super User
Super User

Please read about REMOVEFILTERS and use that in your measure on the left.

Thanks but when I try RemoveFilters, it removes all the city based slicers, it does not all me to retain the ones that are required for the aggregated calculation. Removefilters gets me the client rev across all cities, but not a sum inclsive of all the required cities...unless I am using it wrong.

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