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In the desktop, the date logic is right, but not in the service.

Hello all,


I've created a table that is based on a Microsoft Exchange calendar. I'm having trouble getting a day offset based on a column on column, but only if my user scheduled column has a value. It is offsetting based on the exchange calendar date. My DAX logic is a little weird, but the problem is that it works well on the desktop. However, after I publish it, the date is pushed back an extra day or two. I'm stumped as to why this is. What are your thoughts on this?


DNE Date = 
var PrevDay = 'Schedule Calendar'[Start].[Date] - 1 -- **DNE date is always one day before the start date that somone works it.**
Var NewDay1 = IF( FORMAT(PrevDay,"DDD") = "Sat", PrevDay-1, 
        IF( FORMAT( PrevDay,"DDD") = "Sun", PrevDay-2, 
        ) -- **for testing if PrevDay is a weekend.**
Var Holi = IF( CALCULATE( MAX('Schedule Calendar'[User Scheduled]), FILTER('Schedule Calendar', NewDay1 = 'Schedule Calendar'[Start])) = "", NewDay1 -1, NewDay1) -- **for is there what no one seduled, mostly holidays.**
Var NewDay2 = IF( FORMAT(Holi,"DDD") = "Sat", Holi-1, 
        IF( FORMAT( Holi,"DDD") = "Sun", Holi-2, 
        ) -- **for if day after Holi is weekend.**

return IF( 'Schedule Calendar'[User Scheduled] = "", BLANK(),
            IF('Schedule Calendar'[Start] = DATE(2022,2,17), DATE(2022,2,16), -- **2nd if added for earliest date in start, 'Holi' logic does not work for the first date and returns with extra day. this is a one off.**
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@ribisht17  I'm in Central Time, not UTC Time, so they won't match. How does this matter because none of the calculations take into account time, only the date?

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Are desktop and Server time zones same or not?

Solved: changing timezone of powerbi service? - Microsoft Power BI Community




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