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How to include a column from a related table in visual?

I am still figuring out Power BI. I have got seemingly a very simple task: make a visual table in report view include a column from another table.

I have got:
GL - a table with invoice information, including client ID

NC - a table with credit note information, including client ID

Clients - a table with client ID as a unique identifier

Tables are not merged, but I made relationships in model view via Clients table. In the report view, I have made a table based on GL, which shows distinct count of invoices per client. I have also included a calculated column showing a ratio of credit notes to invoices like this:

Ratio NC/INV =
 VAR ClientNumber = 'GL'[ClientID]
 VAR TotalInvoices =
            DISTINCTCOUNT('GL'[Invoice number]),
            FILTER('GL', 'GL'[ClientID]=ClientNumber)
 VAR TotalNC =
            DISTINCTCOUNT('NC'[NC number]),
            FILTER('NC', 'NC'[ClientID]=ClientNumber)
  RETURN IF(OR(TotalNC=0, TotalInvoices=0), 0, DIVIDE(TotalNC, TotalInvoices))
What I am not able to do is include a column in the same visual, showing distinct count of credit notes from NC. I tried as a calculated column and as a measure:

Neither worked. Instead of giving a distinct count per line (per client), it gives me the total count of NC in every line. The only way it works correctly if I make a direct many-to-many relationship between NC and GL. But obviously then other things break down in my report 🙂 

Please help!

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I tried this as a measure, as a column in GL and in NC, after I reference it in the visual with GL columns, I only get the grand total in every row 😕

Super User
Super User

@as65fgdax Please Try below Dax :

TotalNC =
COUNROWS(VALUES( 'NC'[NC number] ) ),
ALLEXCEPT ( 'NC', 'NC'[Client ID] )

> if its work please share your EndOutPut in table.


@as65fgdax Thank You!!

I ended up appending the two tables because the previous approach didn't seem to work.

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