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Helper I

Help Needed with Calculating Days Overdue and Creating Aging Buckets in Power BI

Hi Power BI Community,


I am facing a challenge in Power BI related to calculating days overdue and categorizing them into stacked chart as aging buckets. Here's my situation:

I have a dataset called CustTrans, and I want to calculate the number of days overdue for each transaction from a due date to a selected user age date. I initially created a measure for this purpose, and it returns the correct nos of days

Days overdue Column = minx(CustTrans,DATEDIFF(max(CustTrans[DUEDATE]),[Selected Balance Date],DAY))

However, on using this measure in another measure(Days overdue groups) to categorize the days overdue into aging buckets against amt due balance(Y-axis), t does not work as expected, it collects the amount due balance in the "0-30 days" window and does not show the breakdown of the amount in various aging buckets. (as shown in the chart)

Days over due groups = 

If ('CustTrans'[Days Overdue Measure] < 0, "Not Yet Due",
If ('CustTrans'[Days Overdue Measure] <= 30, "0-30 Days",
If ('CustTrans'[Days Overdue Measure] <= 60, "31-60 Days",
and so on....)


Using the Days overdue column instaed of Days overdue measure may solve this issue but days overduw calculated column is not returing nos of days as shown in the screen shot.




I would greatly appreciate your help in refining my approach or providing any insights on how to calculate days overdue and categorize them into aging buckets correctly. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Helper I
Helper I



I did use Days over group calculated column only. Sorry for the typo in the original message. When I pull this calculated column in X-axis and against amt due balance(y-axis) the chart collects all balance in 0-30 days aging bucket and do not display other buckets.



Hi @Sunila chart is just visual, reflecting table data. Go to cal.column and check data definition to resolve issue

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Super User
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Hi @Sunila create calculated column for "Days over due groups", not measure. Later, slice and dice as you wish.

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