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Helper III
Helper III

Discharge department



I want to make a report witch contains the following information.

Out of a big data file I want to extract the follow up department.

So I have department A and how many have a transfer (discharge) to deparment B & C etc.


ReferenceStart dateEnd dateDischarge (out of hospital)Department
11-11-2022 16:0010-11-2022 10:11 A
110-11-2022 10:11  B
22-11-2022 15:353-11-2022 13:343-11-2022 13:34A
31-11-2022 09:152-11-2022 10:24 A
32-11-2022 10:243-11-2022 18:123-11-2022 18:12C


So you can see that reference 1 transfer from department A to B at 10-11-2022 10:11. 

Reference 2 is discharged out of the hospital direct from department A.

Reference 3 transfers to department C and gets discharged out of that department (I don't want to know that discharge, only the report of department A to witch department the patient is transferd or discharged).


The file contains every department in the hospital.


Hope some can make the measure because with my knowledge... 🙂


For now this is what I can provide you. The difference between Count 2 and Count 3 is that count 3 shall not count discharged from same department unless there is a discharge date. The difference shall not be noticed using the sample data as there are no blanks in the end date.


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The discharge out of hospital is only relevant when there is no next department. Then "discharge" needs to count as an movement, but only for the last deparment for that patient.


Every transfer needs to be counted, even they move back to a department

Perhaps try @tamerj1 solution if it works what you looking for. 🙂 
If not, let us know. 

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Super User
Super User

can you please give more information what the measure should count exactly:
Tranfer of patient from A,B,C, to A,B,C? Like a matrix? 

From / to ABC

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I really like the idea of the matrix. Didn't think about that. So I would like tot see that.

From there I think it is easy to filter for every department.

Is that possible?

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