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Hi everyone,


I try to build a dashboard to provide overview on the spendings within multiple projects. I currently run into the following situation.

I have multiple datasets with hour registration forms, each dataset corresponds with the spending of a single project.


Now, I want to present in the dashboard the total spendings per project with the according details. With a drill through I want the user to click on a project and be directed to the project specifications.


How do I built a table with the sum of each project's spendings which derive from the hour registration forms from multiple datasets?

Community Champion
Community Champion

A report/dashboard based on multiple data source is normal. You can use shared dimensional table to visualize the data together, like a shared Date table in your case. If you need further opinion, you can simplify your data and paste the pbix file here. 

Thanks for your response! I can't figure it out, let me describe it in more detail.


I have three tables:

  • A: Table with Project code, project name, project leader, budget
  • B: Project detail Project B with Project code, money spend on task A, B, C, etc.
    • Calculation: SUM of all money spend on the tasks
  • C: Project detail Project C with Project code, money spend on task A, B, C, etc.
    • Calculation: SUM of all money spend on the tasks


Now I want the dashboard to disiplay in the same table:

  • Project codes of all active projects
  • Total money spend on each project
  • Budget of each project


When I am currently displaying the overview table, Power BI creates separate collums for each project instead of combining all the SUM's of each project and placing them in one column next to the according project code.

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Hi @Luc__ ,

You can use the sum function and just add the different sum measures with a +, 

The drill-threw can be made by using a different page with the details and make a page navigation via a button. 

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