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Helper III
Helper III

DAX for Remaining Percent Left and Reflect in Bar Graph

Hi Power BI Experts. I would like to ask your help please for my bar chart in the bottom.


I want to to reflect in the bottom bar chart the remaining percent left. As you can see in the upper bar chart it is more than 100% (in my chart I use decimal) which 1. 4.

I want to reflect the in the bottom chart that the remaining  percent left is -40% (or -0.4). As you can see, only the 40% in the upper chart is subtracted to 100%. The bottom chart should supposed to be calculate the 100% and the 40%. In mathematical sense, the computation is


100% maximum percent - 40% percent Project A - 100% in Project B = -40%

I want to know how to put a DAX to have a result of the "Remaining Percent" column in my data so I cannot put it manually. When the end date of the project comes, it will subtract to the total assigned percent. 








MonthAssigned ResourceProjectStart DateEnd DateMaximum PercentCapacity AssignedRemaining Percent

01/07/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/08/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/09/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/10/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/11/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/12/2022Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/01/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/02/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/03/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/04/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/05/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/06/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/07/2023Employee AProject A22/07/202231/07/2023100%40%60%
01/09/2022Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/10/2022Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/11/2022Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/12/2022Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/01/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/02/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/03/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/04/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/05/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/06/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%-40%
01/07/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%0%
01/08/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%0%
01/09/2023Employee AProject B01/09/202201/09/2023100%100%0%
Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @third_hicana 

I cannot fully correlate your bar chart with the table data provided.
Could you be more specific about your expected results?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Hi @v-easonf-msft  I want to see the remaining percent per month.
The scenario is there is an employee who has a project or multiple projects that has a timeline (i.e the breakdown per month)


For example: I have a project (Project A) that will run from Jan 01, 2022 up to June 30, 2022 and another project (Project B) that will run from Feb 01, 2022 until May 15, 2022. The assigned percent for the project A is 50% and for Project B is 30%. My maximum percent is 100. If I will breakdown those two projects per month, this should be the result
Jan 2022: 100% - 50% = 50%
Feb 2022- 100% -50%- 30% = 20%
March 2022: 100% -50%- 30% = 20%
April 2022:100% -50%- 30% = 20%
May 2022: 100% -50%- 30% = 20%
June 2022 : 100% - 50% = 50%

As you can see it adds and subtracts everytime there is a project starts and ends. So it checks and balance every month how many percent left. The bars in months are calendar month and not the months in the assignment table.

I hope this helps. 🙂

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