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DAX Measures for counting time differencies by speed category

Hello Community,


I am trying to calculate through only DAX Measures the quantity of tickets being responded in 4 categories of speed (Difference between the timestamp of ticket creation minus the timestamp of ticket_start_to_resolve) :

<1 minute, 1 to 5 minutes, 5 to 60 minutes, >1 Hour


What I have tried until now 🙂

1.- Perform a measurement called SpeedResponse 

SpeedResponse = SUMX(factTable, 'factTable[ticket_response_timestamp] - 'factTable[ticket_creation_timestamp])


2.- (integration of 2.- and 3.- former steps into one Measurement).

<1 min_total = 

//I know the following is not working, but in that way you will see the idea behind calculating the total of rows (tickets) with specific speed so that I can count them and then filter that total ammount with the additional filters later.

         var _lessThan1Minute = COUNTX(factTable,

                                       CALCULATE([SpeedResponse], IF(AND(HOUR([SpeedResponse])=0, MINUTE([SpeedResponse])<1),1,0))


         var _lessthan1MinuteFiltered = 


                 FILTER(ALL(factTable[ticketOrigin]), ALL(factTable[ticketOrigin]="outsourcing")




Thank you so much in advance community!

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Hello @amitchandak,


Thank you for your response. It helped me to finally arrive to solution which consists in two steps:


1.- Creating a measure of the time difference in an AVERAGEX iterator.

2.- Using with CALCULATE that formula filtered with the rest of parameters to consider and the columns involved with the condition of that measure in each category >1min


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Super User

@JasserBI , Have 4 measure like


SpeedResponse = SUMX(filter(factTable, Datediff( 'factTable'[ticket_creation_timestamp],'factTable'[ticket_response_timestamp] , minute) <1),
Datediff( 'factTable'[ticket_creation_timestamp],'factTable'[ticket_response_timestamp] , minute) )

of create one like

SpeedResponse = maxx(factTable, var _diff =Datediff( 'factTable'[ticket_creation_timestamp],'factTable'[ticket_response_timestamp] , minute)
Switch( True() ,
_diff < 1 , " < 1 Minute" ,
_diff < 5 , " 1 to 5 minutes" ,
_diff < 60 , " 5 to 60 minutes" , ">1 Hour"
) )


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