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Creating a table from different columns of each table with date filter and aggregate the column


I have 8 different data tables with calculated measures & columns. 

I want to create a new table from columns of each table.




Table Table 8 with approximately 15 columns each 


what I want is, below

New table, column 1 = sum of ( Average of calculated column 1 of Table 1 +...+ average of calculated column 1 of table 😎

                  Column 2 = sum of ( Average of calculated column 2 of Table 1 +....+ average of calculated column 2 of table 😎




                 Column 8 = sum of ( Average of a calculated column 8 of Table 1 +....+ average of calculated column 8 of table 😎


All the above-calculated column in the new table will use date slicer in visuals.  

Help me, please.

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Use Addcolumns() and summerize() function.

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Thank you @Anonymous .


But still, I don't get what I needed. 


I have used this script, let me know am I using it right


SUMMARIZE(Apex_1,Apex_1[Date].[Date]),"apex 1 availability",[Availability Apex_1])
apex 1 is the existing table name
Apex 1 availability is a new column name
Availability Apex_1 is the calculated measure
what I need in here is, the average of calculated measure is 1432 respective to apex_1 date
I need the same average to the new column corresponding to the date
Help me please

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