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Creating a matrix sorted by date

Hello everyone,


I hope you can help me with this matrix. I have the following table that I want to display in a matrix. The table is sorted (just as I would like it to appear in Power BI). This table consists of the approval process for 3 documents (IC-GP-FR-010, IC-GP-FR-011, IC-GP-IN-009). The approvers are assigned in order (Column "Responsable"). Each approver has a start date (Column "Inicio Real") which is when their turn to approve the document begins, and an end date (Column "Fin Real") which is when they finish approving. Once an approver completes their approval, the next approver in the row can proceed to approve.


Flujo de RevisiónDocumentoResponsableInicio RealFin Real
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  LUIS10/03/202211/03/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  JUAN JOSÉ11/03/20226/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  NATALY6/04/20227/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  LUIS7/04/202211/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  MANUEL11/04/202219/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  JAIME19/04/202224/05/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  MAURICIO24/05/20229/06/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  CAROLINA9/06/20225/07/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  SUSAN5/07/20221/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  MARITA1/09/202230/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  JORGE30/09/20226/10/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-010  JOSÉ6/10/2022 
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  LUIS10/03/202211/03/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  JUAN JOSÉ11/03/20226/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  NATALY6/04/20227/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  LUIS7/04/202211/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  MANUEL11/04/202219/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  JAIME19/04/202224/05/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  MAURICIO24/05/20229/06/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  CAROLINA9/06/20225/07/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  SUSAN5/07/20221/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  MARITA1/09/20222/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  JORGE2/09/20227/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-FR-011  JOSÉ7/09/2022 
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  LUIS10/03/202211/03/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  JUAN JOSÉ11/03/20226/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  NATALY6/04/20227/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  LUIS7/04/202211/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  MANUEL11/04/202219/04/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  JAIME19/04/202224/05/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  MAURICIO24/05/202223/06/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  CAROLINA23/06/20225/07/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  SUSAN5/07/202211/07/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  MARITA11/07/202230/09/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  JORGE30/09/20224/10/2022
11000-FT-00156  IC-GP-IN-009  JOSÉ4/10/20223/07/2023



However, in Power BI, when I try to create the matrix, it appears disordered. I have tried to sort it by adding an index column. However, it only appears with options for showing it as a sum, average, and not without summarizing. Therefore, I cannot sort it using the index.




I hope you can help me. I appreciate it in advance.

Super User
Super User

Hello @rz21c97 ,

after you added an index column , on your table click the column you wish to sort and seelct sort by coolum nand choose by index column 



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