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Create bar graph of unpaid transactions having transaction created and payment date



I need to meet the following requirement and I am not sure what is the best way to do it.


At work, we have a table with transactions that may or may not have been paid. The date the transaction was made is indicated in the field created_date and the date the payment was made is indicated in the field completed_date (and it remains null if the payment was not made).

I am being asked for a report and also a filter that allows indicating for the close of each month the amount of unpaid transactions.

I made a simple dummy example with only 3 transactions to better explain the requirement:




If I analyze the closing of the periods 202302, 202303, and 202304, I should get the following:

202302: $10 because there was a transaction created in period 202302.
202303: $110 because the transaction from 202302 of $10 is still unpaid and a $100 transaction was also created in period 202303.
202304: $100 because the $10 transaction was paid.

So I should get this:



Does anyone know if there's a DAX script or any transformations recommended to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello @Laocsulak,

There are many ways to tackle your problem. The one I propose below may not be optimal but it works.

The idea is to create an additional table and a measure.

The additional table is to be created with this [DAX] code:

NewTable = 
    SUMMARIZE ( data, [created_month], "amount", SUM (data[amount] ) ),
    SUMMARIZE ( FILTER ( data, NOT ISBLANK ( data[completed_month] ) ), 
                "amount", -SUM ( data[amount] ) ))

It will look like that:


The measure should look like that:


Measure = 
VAR CurrentMonth = MAX ( NewTable[created_month] )
RETURN CALCULATE ( SUM ( NewTable[amount] ), ALL ( NewTable ),NewTable[created_month] <= CurrentMonth )


Once done, you create a bar chart. 


Then you can rename axis and enjoy the result. 

Best Regards,


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