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Create a Calculated Table based off a Measure

Hello - First post here, so apologies if i miss key info.

I have a table which contains a measure where the value is dependent on a slicer and if the value exists in another table. 
What i am looking to do is create an Aggregated version of my original table but aggregated on the measure i have created. 

I have also attached a screenshot of my measure below - Also a bit of the data i am trying to work with.



Happy to supply any and all information. 

Thank you in advance.

Super User
Super User

HI @ArisJamesM 


Can you please add a sample of your data and result table?

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Appreciate your Kudos VahidDM_0-1632919464490.png !!


Thank you for the response - This is going to sound stupid, but how would i do that?
Aas some of this data i cannot share, it could make it hard.


Remove your sensitive data and create the same table and fill it with some data; more important, create a sample of your result table and share it as well.

just add 4 to 6 line data if that cover your request


Appreciate your Kudos!!

I am trying to create a COUNT of UserID's agasint the "Player Category". When i group by Player Category it is only showing ONE Category.
Ideally i am trying to create this as a calculated table - But i am having issues with GROUPING on a measure.



please download my PBIX file from here:

Hi what i have done instead, is created a sample PBIX File - Is there anyway i can upload this here?


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