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Count total of pending files in DAX

Select isNull(Count(NroComprobante),0) as 'Comp No Cobrados' 
From ClientesCtaCte
Where Estado = 'A' and CuentaCorriente = 1 and FechaComprobante = '20190801' and TipoOperacion IN ('FAC','CPO') and ImporteTotal <> ImportePagado

Hi there i am very new to power bi and using DAX formulas to do some measures...


In the report that im doing i am trying to show how many "comprobantes" are still pending to pay in all of my company.


The columns "Estado","CuentaCorriente" and "TipoOperacion" are page level filters in my report and "FechaComprobante" is a Slicer object inside the report. the only thing that i need to use in this meassure i think is the "ImporteTotal <> ImportePagado" so i can know how many "Comprobantes" are still pending from all of the filters before or i need to use all of the filters so i can get the result that i need to do?...


How can i do this? I read an article that i need to use Filter or Calculate but im not so used to DAX. If someone can help me i will be much apreciate it.


Thanks in advance.


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