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Helper I
Helper I

Count how many occurances of a string in a column in reference with a different column of strings

I have a column with folder paths, The root folders are sub divided and the divided folders are again subdivided and so on. i have some long strings in the column.

Now, I have to get the count of how many times a particular path has occurred in the whole column.  


Example: I have the data exactly like this with couple hundered thousands of rows. The main path "c:\SHARE\Sample" must be counted couple hundered thousand times as it will be occurred in all of the other paths.

Folder 1 will be counted little less than the main path and so on for the folder 2,.. etc. 



Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I can add the coulmn in power query or DAX. So both are an option for my case.


Thank you in advance

Super User
Super User

Hi @SriKandimalla ,

Try this, create column using the code below.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Column = 
var _string = Counter[Column1]

var _countS = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(Counter),FILTER(Counter,CONTAINSSTRING(Counter[Column1],_string)))

return _countS



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